Getting started – Step 1

Here’s my take on getting started in the SQL community.  Start posting, start tweeting, start reading…. JUST START DOING SOMETHING.

I looked back at the  history on my twitter feed, and my wife is right.  Sometime around May of the last 3-4 years since I’ve moved into management, I get an itch to do dev.  It’s my midlife crisis back again – I’m not feeling creative, I’m not doing what I love doing.  Problem is, i’ve really got no idea what I love to do, except I do know I love helping people.  I start doing some reading, kicked open an old CPU I had at home, threw in some memory and got it moving with SQL and Visual Studio.

I just came across a process at work that can easily and more cleanly be done using SSIS – found my first project.  I think the difference this time is I have a bit more of a plan.  I found, thanks to SQLHammer, that planning my master plan can be like a game – see my Epic Plan link, but it really made me realize that past failures were really mostly due to poor planning, not enough work and a bit too little patience.

I’ve also come to realize, and yes I know it’s early yet, that I really love writing and interacting with people.  There are some really funny people in the SQL community, and hopefully I am not coming off too much as the new kid trying to shoulder his way into the cool crowd 🙂

So if you’re reading this, and you’ve been thinking about making a change, nothing is stopping you but you.  There are free or trial versions of just about everything.  Hopefully sometime soon, I will be able to be blogging about all of this from some conference that paid for me to fly in and speak.  And if that just happens to be in Hawaii, I can scratch two things off my list.


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