Planning instead of running into brick walls

Yeah, I’m not good at it.  Maybe that’s why I’m a manager…:)

I go through these periods of schpilkas (Ants in the pants), where I have to do something new.  My wife is convinced that it happens in May of every other year, so this is my 3rd episode of minor midlife crisis, boredom, whatever you want to call it.  I get antsy, I try out some stuff, play with other things, and eventually wind down by Aug/Sep to a general sense of defeat followed by several months of hard core Warcraft  until ski season starts and I’m distracted by that.  (anyone live near Mont Tremblant btw?)

So, armed with some self knowledge of past disappointments, and lots of energy, I started trying to progress again.  I dusted off my twitter account, took an old server and upgraded it with tools and memory, and started running a million miles an hour in as many directions expecting someone to just pay me a million dollars for being such a great person.

Took stock after a week, and started setting goals.  Create a blog, get an idea for a small project to work on to get back into SSIS, start reading and blogging again, even if it was just to write.  In the span of a week, I’ve been interacting more on Twitter, given advice by some really smart people, and have a better feeling of how to get ‘there’ wherever there is.

First break through was a concept I found on SQL Hammer‘s site about an Epic Life Quest he had seen on the site of Brent Ozar who had gotten it from Nerd Fitness.  Seems like a really cool place to start, and has the added benefit of tracking cool stuff and big milestones and allows me to see some progress.

The next big pivot was conversing back and forth with Brent Ozar, a guy I am more in awe of with each post I read.  He recommended a post he put together as a starting point for me.  I’m a mid 40s manager with a wife two kids (one starting college next week) and a mortgage, so my free time is limited, I was stuck trying to figure out what to look at first or what to dive into tech wise.  I had mentioned my pie in the sky ultimate job would be to speak and teach, we boiled it down to a simple question: since I want to eventually speak at conferences and seminars, what would I say to get people into the room and interested in my session?

I took some time and eliminated things I know I wouldn’t be interested in – hardware, networking, backups, etc, and focused on the stuff I enjoyed when I was doing BI dev fulltime – the display part of BI – working with Dundas and PerfPoint Dashboards, and getting the things ready for that part.

So I have a focus for my blog, and it looks like the beginning of a path, and the notes to begin my seminar.  We’ll see how it goes.


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