Epic Life Quest

I’m really bad at keeping track of things I have to get done.  In my quest to do what makes me happy, I started branching back into SQL dev and came across the site of the SQL Hammer.  (I know, sounds menacing!)  He had something on his site that really intrigued me (Epic Life Quest), so after digging through and seeing it linked to a few sites I already followed, I have decided to create my own.  It’s a bucket list with a D&D twist to it.  Each quest item completed is 20% progress on a level, so here’s my list.  I’ll update it as I finish things.  I’m going to put some simple things and some bigguns on there to make me reach for it.

Level 2 – begins today, August 8th 2015

Level 1 – I’m giving myself a few gimmies to chronicle that I have accomplished things

  • Earned black belt, 2nd degree 2004
  • Went to Europe with Fae – August 2013
  • Married my best friend – New Years Eve 1994
    • Stay married for 20 years – 12/31/2014
  • Rebuild machine with the necessary tools to start the journey – 8/18/15
    • got the memory and installed it tonight 🙂
  • get scuba certified – 2004

Future Goals

  • Blog enough to justify buying SQLKohai.com and move to bluehost with other sites
  • get into walking routine with Fae
  • get first SQL certification
  • build first prototype of SSIS job
  • become a consultant without giving up (too much) salary
  • join Nerdfitness and work out regularly so you stop feeling like an old person
  • get into a regular parkour practice
  • get re-certified in scuba
  • get under 230 lbs for more than a week
  • travel to Japan to study sushi making and martial arts
  • publish an article
  • publish an article and get paid for it
  • blog about dusting off the cobwebs for a week straight
  • speak at a technical conference
  • ski Mont Tremblant
  • go back to Paris
  • get spending under control
  • save 6 months salary while still paying bills and have enough to eat
  • get an antique pocket watch or signet ring to pass down to kids/grandkids
  • travel to Ireland and visit birthplace of ancestors before they came to America
  • find a way to help people dig out from the situation I am in right now – not doing what they love

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